Comeback From Setback

a quote "Failure is a Progressive Success"
Saw failures I could relate to (if that makes sense) and it motivated me more to share mine. Besides, failure is a progressive success.

This post is meant to have gone up since the first week but I got carried away. I was inspired to write this post after I scrolled through instagram and twitter on the 31st December, and everyone was reminiscing about their successes in 2019, but I decided to do the opposite. I knew I was on the right path when I stumbled on (@thisthingcalledfashion) post about 2019 failures.

Saw failures I could relate to (if that makes sense) and it motivated me more to share mine. Besides, failure is a progressive success.


Didn’t get my driver’s license: The amount of money I spent on Uber/City taxi is enough to cover a change of wardrobe for a year. Maintaining a car is not cheap too but there’s nothing like moving around comfortably.The major reason why I have delayed is laziness and fear. After I crashed my mum’s car whilst using my learners permit, I just locked up LOL!

Practical Step(s): Starting to drive out on sundays and I’m getting the license.

Being too desperate: I cannot go into details but being desperate for an opportunity cost me quite a lot, which made me sink into sadness for a while and had to shut out from close friends.

Practical Step(s): well, you know what they say about “a patient person who eats the fattest bone”. I have always been a patient person and I guess my fat bone is taking too long. Although, I intend to work on my patience, especially when I’m in a “situation”.

Not getting a personal photographer: In this blogosphere, good pictures for a content sends a message. I have been procrastinating on my style contents, because I haven’t gotten someone that will get my angles right. I know it is always advisable to make do with what you have, but if you’re like me that always aims for quality, then taking that extra step is needed.

Practical Step(s): On the hunt for a photographer…shoot me an email if interested.

Inadequate Charges: I have a side job that requires writing. I really felt used last year, because the work I did, never equated with the pay I got. Had I known, I would have put sentiments aside and just did my business because it made me lose money…and I love my money (who doesn’t anyways?!).

Practical Step(s): I will research on pay options, and ask questions.

Being Negative: It’s easy to be positive when everything is going well. When it’s going really bad, you will bin that positivity. It takes the Grace of God to stay positive. There were lots of pitfalls last year, hence, the negative feelings and confessions.

Practical Step(s): Occupy myself with activities that will uplift me. Either read a book, go out, talk to strangers, etc.

Inconsistency: I won’t call this a failure but I was so not regular *in Speed Darlington’s voice*, knowing that I am building an online brand.

Practical Step(s): I intend to put out more posts here and on social media.

Generally, I intend to LIVE more this 2019, because living more will enable me carry out all the plans I’ve written down to achieve this year.

I don’t think it’s too late to tell you Happy New Year!!!

Thanks for reading.

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