Being Consistent…is underrated

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When I started this blog almost 2 years ago, I was hyped. I gave a day I will be putting up a post on the website, instagram feed, keep up with insta-stories, and live my life.

I was wrong!!!

The way life hit me…last time I posted was early last year before my hosting expired and it has been downhill since. My web developer had personal engagements, his laptop got stolen, hosting details could not be retrieved, which required starting again. The previous web developer (my luck with developers tho…sigh) was being stubborn to give out certain information. Finally, everything worked out.

In my dreams!…I entered the second phase of frustration. After giving me assurrance, he disappeared. I couldn’t reach him for months. He later rang and explained he had some challenges, that he gave the work to a friend to complete.

His friend made good efforts but was constrained. Hence, had to refer back to my web developer. After months of back and forth, he sent a message and ofcourse gave me a feedback of the site (that was the only information I wanted to know at that point).

All I’m trying to write is, when bloggers and content creators talk about trying to be consistent and how it isn’t easy, one will think “blabbing” but I experienced it in full bloom. I lacked motivation. From the developer’s attitude, family challenges, job,and personal challenges…I was hit hard and didn’t expect it to come at once.

Definitely, baby steps will be taken in the consistency department till I get a good hold of juggling my life.

Thank you my subbies for still sticking around. If you’re a new reader, Welcome and don’t forget to subscribe for updates.



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