Five Things to Do When Blogger’s Block Hit

I am certain that most bloggers have experienced a block at a stage in the blogosphere. Taking a cue from my experience when I literally couldn’t think of what to write about for the blog, I unknowingly engaged in activities that eased it. So here are five things I did to overcome this challenge.

  • Gaining inspiration from Instagram sources I follow: Firstly, I had to unlearn following any account especially on Instagram, just because.  I had to make a conscious effort to follow accounts that will inspire through their lifestyle. This helped me a lot because the times I didn’t want to be productive, I was feeding my mind with happy thoughts on Instagram and thus, fuelling my “to-do vibe”.
  • Reading books and articles: If you love to read, you will find yourself drifting towards an abandoned hobby at this time, because you’re unconsciously searching for topics to get you out of that space in your head. I read anything readable I could come across both offline and online.

  • Youtube – I cannot overemphasize this application! I spent most nights on this app due to the informative videos I came across and some channels I am subscribed to. Most of the time I had to binge watch, ranging from short movie story, real-life stories, comedy, etc. I didn’t know how it was helping until I woke up one morning and started typing newsletters.
A Youtube picture
  • JOT DOWN IDEAS: I read somewhere that on average, an adult has 50,000 thoughts daily. If you try to recall even about 80 of those thoughts it will be quite difficult, right? It is this way so that we don’t go insane because our brain filters information. I noticed that I got ideas when I wasn’t even trying and because of that I jotted ideas using notes on my phone. This helps a lot!
  • Regenerate: In all the aforementioned, it is okay to just relax. It could be taking a break from social media, friends, and family. It helps to refresh one’s mind.

If you noticed, some of the ways are connected but they work well…At least, it did for me.

P.S. following funny I.G accounts helps too.

I hope this helps!


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