Favourite Instagram Accounts I follow

Based on the previous blog post, thought I’d let you in on few Instagram accounts I follow and why I follow them, so here goes in no order;

Heather Lindsey: @heatherlove https://instagram.com/heatherlove?igshid=42y0sr1k5fcg

Her contents are faith-based and family oriented. She is very realistic in all her posts so it’s easy for people of all ages to relate. Her bants sometimes with her husband in the comment section cracks me up!

Lola Akinkuowo: @lola.akw https://instagram.com/lola.akw?igshid=ygsef8tradmh

I came across her page when I was surfing the internet for blogging tips for keruzhub. She’s a digital creator and has useful tips for beginners and advanced bloggers through her website “blogger etiquette”.

Bolanle Olukanni: @bolanle https://instagram.com/bolanle?igshid=dsv3ldqau3nz

I have admired Bolanle since “Moments with Mo” on TV. Loved her intellectual discussions both on TV and off and liked that she gives different content on her page, an unpredictable page. It could be fashion today, laid-back tomorrow, activist next-tomorrow, e.t.c

Midas Interiors: @midasinteriorltd https://instagram.com/midasinteriorsltd?igshid=n18duxc0gu6n

I love interiors and this was the first page I stumbled on. Her designs are AMAZING! I had the privilege to discuss briefly with her about my interest. Hence, If you love interiors, this page is one of your go-to.

Kelechi Mgbemena: @kelechimgbemena https://instagram.com/kelechimgbemena?igshid=1sk6pvvfpbex7

Asides the fact that she’s my friend, you can see her consistency from her page and the efforts she puts in creating magic, both personal and external brand. As a blogger and content creator who deals with consistency, her page will inspire and encourage you.

Kim Porter: @realtalkkim https://instagram.com/realtalkkim?igshid=1iri8ui3428pu

She’s a Pastor and a very thorough one at that. I have heard her preach in person and I was mind blown. Her energy is out of this world. If you want to hear the truth and nothing but the truth lol, follow her. You will love her posts and be uplifted as well.

Kiitana: @kiitana https://instagram.com/kiitana?igshid=1xnzweg2r0a5

Kiitana has been a good addition to my feed. The DIYs on this page are refreshing. Notwithstanding her style which is chic! She inspired my interest in discovering good Instagram aesthetics.

Zizi Bekee: @zizi_bekee https:/instagram.com/zizi_bekee?igshid=1uy2m85iypahe

Here comes another friend who has an interior inspiration page that you may like. Aesthetically pleasing, with some words of affirmation in between.

Do let me know accounts you follow in the comment section and why.

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