Top 3 T. V Shows to Binge-watch during Quarantine.

Netflix and chill
Netflix and chill

It’s been a while I did any sort of review and thought to jump on the movie wagon. Considering that most of us are binge-watching this quarantine season. I briefly reviewed three series that caught my attention this period due to the overall storytelling. These movies are;


OMG!!! That was my first expression when I started this series.

Firstly, it is about a man who is a financial advisor, that relocates his family to a place called Ozarks. The relocation was due to a money laundering that went wrong, which involved a Mexican drug lord (you know the Mexicans do not play with their money), and the story unfolds from there.

See! Been a while I watched a show that every character was intriguing and OZARK has it! It’s amazing that the lead was played by Jason Bateman, due to the movies I have seen of him which are comedic. This just unveiled a different side to him.

The storyline is impeccable. You will definitely be hooked from the beginning to the end. One of the best t.v series I have seen in a while. If you love suspense, you will love this. I will rate it a 9/10.


if you haven’t started watching this series, what are you waiting for? Money Heist

Money Heist is a crime drama whereby the story surrounds a Spanish heist, that is masterminded by a man called the professor. The story is told by a female narrator as it unfolds and ofcourse, it is not an English-speaking series but Spanish, which makes it unique.

The fact that the series maintained a “local taste” is the reason why I loved it. It highlighted some sensitive aspects of the Spanish people. Additionally, the t.v series encompasses friendship, love, comedy and suspense. I will rate it an 8.5/10. A good watch!


The show is not well talked about in my country at least. I just randomly saw it and began watching, and I can confidently say I wasn’t disappointed. It is also a Spanish-speaking series but subtitle is included.

Elite talks about teenagers in a rich private school and the usual clash between the wealthy teenagers and the ‘regular’ teenagers. This eventually led to murder.

One aspect you will love about the show is that despite the many characters, which may throw you off a bit (as it did me), the plot was interwoven seamlessly. It contains everything capable of keeping you glued. When you start, you will not want to stop till you finish. Trust me. I will rate this a 9/10.

I honestly do not want to give in-depth information, just to keep you on your toes. Go binge on these shows on netflix, and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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