How To Stay Sane At Home in Quarantine

taking a walk

This is the fourth week of quarantine in Nigeria and I am already going crazy in my house. Some of you will agree with me that a long-distance relationship between our African parents and us, is better than being in close proximity. They tend to appreciate us more.

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This quarantine period has been really challenging mentally and I have constantly looked for ways to stay sane, especially in an African household. So, I decided to share with you 4 ways I’m staying sane this quarantine period and hoping it helps you, as it is doing for me.


Formerly Musically. The app has been a stress reliever in this pandemic. The dance routine and fun challenges just allows you showcase your talent in different ways. You can have a personal quarantine themed production, and may just be on your way to Hollywood which is a good getaway.


taking a walk

This has proven to be great for my mental state. Though it’s a lockdown, you’re not restricted to taking walks. You can still take walks within your estate and the main road walk ways. Also, you lose calories while at it. Remember, social distancing is still applicable.


Such as scrabble, ludo and chess are games that you can indulge in with your siblings or people you’re quarantining with. You can also play puzzles, card and video games. This can be done in the comfort of your room when your landlords (parents) start disturbing.


The go-to for everyone at the moment. Netflix offers lots of movies and t.v shows to binge-watch. You can catchup on interesting shows and movies. In a previous post, I shared 3 shows to watch this quarantine season.

How are you keeping you keeping sane this period? Let me know in the comment section.


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