Is it difficult to support a friend’s business?

why is it so?

I do not know when this post will go up but this has been on my mind for a while, and I figured I had to give my two cents. Then I came across a tweet by Dr. Dipo Awojide on twitter, and it was a sign to keep writing my thoughts on this topic

actually wrote the first statement when I was drafting‘.

Moving on, below is the tweet;

tweet retrieved from @OgbeniDipo

Is it difficult to support your friend’s business or ‘hustle’?

My Two Cents.

Personally, I do not find it difficult because encouragement goes a long way for people, especially for small businesses. All my friends and acquaintances who have reached out to me one way or the other to help post, follow or share a business they just started, I do it with joy in my heart.

Last month, a young lady who I knew from high school privately messaged me to subscribe to her upcoming YouTube channel, which I did and I could feel her happiness when I eventually reverted. Because that’s part of the ways I could show support. It got me wondering why she had to send a DM, maybe her ‘friends’ were not engaging in her announcement post publicly. Therefore, she had to take a step forward and do it privately (I am a regular at this by the way).

When I started this blog, I was excited because I can finally express and practice my writing (yes, this is a practice space as well), and I was happy with the response I got. Although, that response went down the drain and it was majorly my fault due to inconsistency and some other challenges. I spoke about that here

Eventually this is what happens…

Till now when I post on Instagram, concerning a new post and I expect my ‘friends’ to click the link to the website…not all do, but when I post a pretty picture of me, they engage and gas me up which is lovely of them, but it beats me that my ‘hustle’ suffers from this ‘gassing up’. This can be very discouraging.

why is it so?

Considering this Covid-19 period, I believe we can do better for each other. For me, I strongly believe some people I know haven’t for once clicked on my link to read a post. But, I usually console myself with the fact that I have not gotten my audience yet.

Although, most times, that audience comes from your cycle before gathering your own tribe.

Why do you think some friends do not support your business? I would like to know your thoughts in the comment section.

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